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South Beach & Venetian Bike & Brew

Rising up Adventures has a mission of empowering and educating individuals through outdoor adventure. We are working to open an adventure therapy center for residents of Miami who have been through trauma. This center will facilitate paddle and tree climbing experiences as group therapy for trauma survivors and will conduct a clinical research study to prove this innovative form of therapy.

Qué hacemos

Ride our bikes (provided) along the ocean front path that winds through Ocean Drive Art Deco hotels, through South Beach and onto the Venetian Islands over the turquoise bay. We'll see Miami Beach from the beautiful South Point Pier, as we ride with the wind in our hair by the water and over islands. Our journey will be near the end when stop at a beach front bar and have a sample of a local craft brew with a toast to all of our fellow South Beach Biking Buddies! This ride does not go brew-hopping to multiple bars, but does contain a complimentary sample of craft brew at a (super cool) location. We'll end at the famous Ocean Drive where you have your choice of Ocean facing bars, restaurants and swimming locations along South Beach to continue the afternoon. This is a great way to kick off your South Beach stay, as you'll learn about the architecture, history, culture, bars, wildlife, places to swim, while getting great exercise in the most beautiful spots and safest streets along the beach. If you are thinking of renting bikes while here, this is a great way to learn which streets are safe to ride in the beach.

¿Hay algo más que deba saber?

Be sure to bring a water bottle and check the group email for important information such as parking location and possible weather updates.

Duración: 2.5 horas

Idioma: Inglés

Qué incluye: Bikes

Qué hay que llevar: Bathing suit if you'd like to swim after the ride.



South Beach & Venetian Bike & Brew

Miami, Florida, EE. UU.

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